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Building Security

IMG_5906bs1Security arrangements for any buildings occupied / non occupied are aimed to reduce the effects and risks posed by breaches of security.  LionHart Security have the knowledge and understanding to secure buildings from occupancy of 10 to 100+ personnel.

Administrative methods to ensure building security:

  • A strong secure perimeter with a limited number of access points into the building.
  • Controlled access of all people and vehicles onto sites.
  • Heightened security measures for areas containing particularly sensitive items and/or key operational equipment, documents, records etc;
  • An intruder alarm system to support the physical security arrangements employed, supplemented, as appropriate, by CCTV cameras, etc;
  • Trained, knowledgeable security personnel where guarding needs to be deployed;
  • Training of/communication with all building occupants and visitors to make them aware of security issues and the procedures that they are required to follow;
  • Contingency plans and procedures in the event of security alerts and emergencies.